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Curv Microcredentials

Advance Your Career With Confidence

What are Microcredentials?

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Today’s workplace demands innovative ways to showcase your skill sets to colleagues, managers, and potential employers — that’s where microcredentials come in. Microcredentials are skill-based certifications that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in a specific area. They’re shorter in duration and cost less than traditional courses.

Curv microcredentials have been created in partnership with industry experts who are leaders in their fields — so your credentials match the most sought-after skills of today’s ever-evolving job market. On top of that, they’re fully online and can be earned in under 10 hours over two weeks.

As a learner, you will have access to personal support and guidance from The Chang School at Toronto Metropolitan University to support you in your journey.

Stay ahead of the Curv with our microcredentials.


Benefits of Curv Microcredentials for Learners

In a world that’s constantly changing, the need to upskill is stronger than ever. By earning a Curv microcredential, you will benefit from the following:

Career Advancement

Boost your employability and career prospects by staying current with in-demand skills.

Precision Upskilling

Choose Curv microcredentials that focus on specific skills or subjects that match your career or areas of interest.

Shareable Proof

Share the Curv microcredential digital credential on your resumé and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your sought-after skill set.

Discover Curv Microcredentials

Choose from a variety of microcredentials across different subject areas to get your skill set recognized.

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Steps to Earn a Curv Microcredential


Step 1: Find Your Curv Microcredential and Enrol
Explore Curv microcredentials by area of study or sort alphabetically to enrol.


Step 2: Prepare and Practice
Review the material and practice your skills. We’ll provide you with everything you will be assessed on.


Step 3: Complete the Assessment
Show us what you can do in a skills-based assessment. It will be reviewed by an industry expert who will give you personal feedback.


Step 4: Share Your Curv Microcredential
Following the successful completion of your assessment, you will receive your Curv microcredential digitally to share on your resumé and LinkedIn profile to let the world know about your certified expertise.


Curv Microcredentials for Employers

We understand the importance of retaining and hiring top talent to your team. Contact us to find out how Curv microcredentials can help you.

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Financial Assistance

Curv microcredentials are Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) eligible. Explore your options for financial support.

Student Financial Assistance

Information to Get Started

Discover the information you need like how to enrol, important academic dates, and university policies specific to Curv microcredentials. 

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Need Help?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about Curv microcredentials, answer any questions that you might have, and find out what support services are available.

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