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Help advocate for positive change with a Public Administration and Leadership certificate

Our government needs more leaders: are you ready to step up and become one of them? The Chang School Certificate in Public Administration and Leadership offers all the training you need to make your public-sector career soar.

This public administration certificate offers flexible scheduling and both online and classroom coursework, so you can select classes that work with your schedule and preferences. Our public administration courses will teach you everything you need to know about government operations and policy-making. Plus, you’ll delve into the specific challenges of 21st-century government and how to manage them. Career progression is important, so this public administration program also provides training in how to develop your government career and rise up the leadership ladder.

Did you know that, according to Statistics Canada, public-sector jobs make up 20 percent of all jobs in Canada? There are many career opportunities in this field; the public sector needs trained leadership and governance professionals to keep government running smoothly. You could work for a community-based organization that works with governments; international governmental organizations, like the United Nations or World Bank; non-governmental organizations; government department policy units; or as a political aide. Even the private sector needs employees with this type of certificate in public administration; you can work for companies that have extensive interactions with domestic or foreign governments, or that do public research.

We’re excited to help you on your journey to become a public-sector leader. Opportunity awaits.


Who should take this Public Administration and Leadership certificate?

  • You’re working in government or the nonprofit sector and want to build your skills to move up in your career
  • You have an undergraduate degree and wish to deepen your understanding of key aspects of public sector management and leadership
  • You’d like to pursue graduate studies in public administration

What will you learn while taking the Public Administration and Leadership certificate?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize key issues in today’s rapidly evolving public sector
  • Participate in the Canadian public policy-making process
  • Interpret contemporary social, economic, and environmental policy
  • Apply public sector leadership
  • Analyze the statutory and regulatory basis of Canadian public administration
  • Rate and evaluate programs
  • Work within budgetary processes
  • Design effective accountability
  • Rank the types of partnerships between government and other agents in the delivery of public goods
  • Assess the quality of intergovernmental affairs
  • Recognize and select the most appropriate instruments for policy and program delivery

Certificate Requirements

  • 3 required courses
  • 3 electives
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

Admission Criteria


  • An undergraduate degree

Note: If you have no background in politics or public administration, or no experience in the public sector, you may be required to complete a preparatory course prior to admission, like CPPA 102. Another option is CPPA 120.

Admission application
To apply for approval to register in the Certificate in Public Administration and Leadership, complete and submit this online program pre-approval form. Once you’ve completed and submitted this online form, a representative from The Chang School will contact you to provide next steps.

Note: You’ll also be required to submit academic transcripts to Dr. Patrice Dutil, Academic Coordinator. Instructions for submitting your transcripts are in the Education section of the pre-approval form.

If you’re an undergraduate student, you should be aware of possible certificate restrictions. For complete details, check Curriculum Advising.


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